Fishing Report: Southwest Sambos

Club member Wayne, a noticeable absentee from the last field day (albeit due to holiday commitments with his family), sent in a report of a land based fishing session at a secret spot of his on the south west coast.

Rockfishing WA

Wayne slide baited some fresh caught herring and skippy along with just the right amount of burley to temp some yellow tail kings and sambos. Wayne put his trust in nothing less than his faithful Alvey reels (15kg line), on 9144 rods.

Southwest Rock Fishing

Fish ranging from 12-30KG were accounted for with most successfully released. Those that didn’t release were dispatched, filleted, sliced thin and shallow fried fresh that day, feeding the entire holiday group of 22 people. Nothing was wasted which is great to hear.

One for the pool room!

One for the pool room!

Top work Wayne and thanks for the report.