November Field Day 2014

Location: Cervantes to Greenhead
Dates: 8th / 9th November

The November field day was held between Cervantes and Greenhead, with the boundaries extending from Jetty to Jetty. The sun was shining and the weed, for once, did not pose much of a problem for competitors. Fantastic you might think? Well it was, aside from the wind, the friendly flies and the veracious army of pickers and blowfish.

Friday night, the forecast did not look good. Strong winds and a 4.5M swell forecasted in the Cervantes area. Strange though was that this impending Armageddon didn’t really translate to the conditions on the beach; they are protected by extensive offshore reefs that keep the waves down. Joe reported the swell was fishable, the wind was just on the wrong side of annoying, but it was the weed presenting the main challenge on the Friday. A few fish were taken in the warmup, but nothing of special note. Herring and tailor were mentioned.

Fast forward to the Saturday morning, the field day proper, and Joe reported that the conditions were pretty good. Sun was out, the weed had cleared off for the most part and fishing was pretty pleasant. Joe’s mulloway hour came to pass, though unfortunately none were landed. Fishing was slow through the day with mulies proving fantastic burley for the blowfish swarms that were on them like a pack of dogs on a fresh lamb chop. It was lean pickings for the esky.

Malcolm reported that conditions worsened through the day, weed was still not too bad but the wind picked up and the breeze moved to a “bloody bullsh*t” classification (to coin a phrase favoured by a senior club member). The move from 4Oz to 6Oz sinkers was made to enable casts to hit their desired location. It seems this just anchored the baits more firmly allowing the blowfish and small whiting to strip them with increased efficiency. Frustrating indeed! Still for all the hard work, Malcolm did manage to land a few fish.

Typical Conditions

Typical Conditions

Malcolm was joined in the afternoon by Mark and his Son, who caught some herring and tailor. Fishing was packed away for the evening. Following a freezing cold night in the car, Malcolm emerged early to try his luck. Absolutely nothing was happening on Sunday morning and no further fish were caught, seen or heard, but the mulies kept vanishing, soon after Malcolm had vanished too. Later at the weigh in Mark had presented a nice bag of fish. Perhaps the decision to exit was made in haste. Mark had a total of 40 fish at weigh in, including the only Garfish weighed in, earning him the species prize for the event. Well done Mark.

Elsewhere, Tony was quietly achieving going about accumulating a bag of six species. The conditions didn’t seem to be a limiting factor for Tony. In total he bagged 24 fish and finished with a very respectable 11+kg, including some nice eating fish too.

Good to see Martin back out fishing the field day. He worked hard for his fish finishing with some tailor and herring. Still better than the weeding he was doing last time out!

Greg joined Joe on Saturday afternoon. As the sun was setting Joe noticed something ‘finny’ close into shore. It was shore side of the drop off, so not more that 5-10m out and couldn’t have been in any more than a meter of water. Estimated at about 2 to 2.5m, a shark of some description was looking ominous in the shore break. Hopefully having a feast of schools of blowfish, but alas probably just cruising. Joe informed Greg of his sighting, who was at first sceptical, but sure enough, there it was swimming right past them. Greg gave away the idea of wading into the water for extra casting distance. Despite not sneaking any extra distance, he did manage some tailor and herring, with these species making up his bag at the weigh in.

Joe reported similar circumstances to Malcolm on Sunday morning. The fishing was very slow, but the flies were out in force and very friendly. The flies combined with the lacklustre fishing for the morning session drove Joe off the beach and back to the comfort of his home in Perth. They must have been pretty bad!

Club Weigh-In Results:


No. Fish



Tony D’Alonzo




Mark Sinclair




Greg Uren




Martin Humbert




Laurie Birchall




Total fish weighed in: 79 fish: 1 Mulloway, 22 Tailor, 3 Skippy, 3 Pike, 5 Garfish, 44 Herring and 1 Wrasse