June Field Day 2014

Location: Wagoe

Date: 31st May/ 2nd June 2014

The Offshore Angling Club of WA held their June field day event to the north around Wagoe. Five anglers made the trip this time round, others missed the event due to holiday and family commitments. Those otherwise occupied and unable to attend missed out on a tough and lean weekend’s fishing!

“A long way to go for no fish” is a fitting quote to summarize the fortunes (or should it be misfortunes?) of those in attendance at the field day.

This time round Wagoe was not very productive, even though the ever dedicated Tony stuck it out battling the conditions. He lost many rigs, in the order of 24, but also retrieved 12 rigs lost by other anglers prior.

There were no Spanish Mackerel caught although 4 balloons were sent out.

On Sunday Bruce, Paul and Greg moved on to Hutt River with less reef to steal rigs and more fish to catch. Greg found a school of Mulloway on Sunday night, landing eight of them although most of them were between 50 and 60 cm. At the weigh in on Monday, Tony and Greg had two Mulloway each and Paul had himself the largest Mulloway earning the incentive prize for the largest scale fish. The Mulloway weighed in at 4.35 kg.

In addition to his Mulloway, Greg also had a lovely 63cm Dart, 3 Tailor and a Snook, winning the field day with an 8.15 kg bag. Well done Greg!

Greg's Dart.

Greg’s Dart.

Club Weigh-in Results

Division No Fish Weight Points
Greg Uren




Tony D’Alonzo

5 5.9


Paul Berry




Bruce Davies

2 3.7


Joe Horvath

4 1.85


Total fish weighed in: 21 fish: 7 Mulloway, 6 Dart, 5 Tailor, 1 Sweet lip, 1 Snook and 1 Rock cod