July Field Day 2014

Location: Go Anywhere

Date: 5th/ 6th July 2014

Numbers were down for the July field day attendance, the main reason being work and family commitments clashing with the rescheduled field day dates (a necessary evil to accommodate the club social in the month of July). Still four anglers made it out for a fish. One fished local, two fishing together north of Perth and sneaky D’Alonzo somewhere to the south…. we think!

The weather forecast was gloomy in the week leading up to the field day start. Seabreeze at one point forecasting anglers would be wiped off the face of the planet. It never eventuated and conditions were calm and very pleasant on Saturday. They began to turn ugly on Sunday, but by this time club members were travelling in comfort within their vehicles heading back for the weigh-in.

The Cervantes area was explored by the two northbound club members. On arrival it was found that many of the clubs favourite spots were not accessible due to the recent poor weather. Inland tracks were flooded and sketchy at best. The beach didn’t look too appetising for a 3.5T four wheel drive either. Joe decided he and Paul would go and fish a top secret spot that was accessible. According to Joe it was so top secret not even the fish knew about it.

Joe and Paul fished hard, tried three or four different baits for lean results. Paul kept the flappers busy whilst Joe tried to get bait out past the pickers. The pickers which were keen this weekend, staying up past their usual bed time of sun down, caused much grief. Lightening the bait bucket and starving the more desirable species. Still with his persistence Joe managed a pair of Cervantes tailor and Paul managed to get some exercise tussling with some giant stingrays.

Tony we presume (based on the species of fish weighed in) was on one of his down south rat runs. Not sure what conditions he faced but they must have been rough as the species and fish count was down by his usual lofty standards. He did manage a spectacular snook though, which weighed in at 3KG on the button and a nice dinner size pink snapper. A bag of skippy also featured amongst his haul.

Carolyn unable to get out Saturday managed to put some hours in Sunday morning, Perth metro but unfortunately was not able to turn this time into an esky full of fish. Next time however I don’t think the fish will be so lucky.

Snook and Snapper

Club Weigh-in Results

Division No Fish Weight Points
Tony D’Alonzo 12 8.6 241
Joe Horvath 2 1.2 82
Paul Berry 0 0 50

Total fish weighed in: 14 fish: 2 Tailor, 1 Snapper, 2 Pike (1 of which weighed in at 3 Kg.),1 Tarwhine and 8 Skippy.