August Field Day 2014

Location: Seabird to Dide Bay

Date: 9th/ 10th August 2014

The Offshore Angling Club of WA’s August field day between Seabird and Dide Bay was held in testing conditions that bought participants more frustration than fish.

Joe and Tony headed up Friday night to acclimatise to the conditions, which by all accounts were horrid. The swell was massive at Back Beach rendering it almost unfishable Friday night. By the time the Saturday morning honour start rolled around, a swarm of stealth seaweed had also arrived. Tony and Joe were experienced enough to work out the best course of action. They packed up and went looking for a new spot. Joe was a little delayed however. A group of ladies found themselves in a spot of bother bogged on the beach. Joe assisted them by providing a shovel and coordinating some other labour to dig their car out. Once Superintendent Joe had finished overseeing the rescue he was off to find a new spot.

Adam and Brian made their way up mid-morning Saturday. They pulled into Ledge point for a look. What they saw was not good.

Weed Situation

Ledge was weeded out.

They met up with Joe and Tony in the main car park at Ledge. Tony found a little clear water off the end of the ledge point groyne, and Adam thought if it’s worth a crack for Tony, may as well have a go himself. A KG of mulies was fished for nought but a stingray and a lost rig. Tony took a break, cooking up bacon and eggs and knocking back some sparkling to recharge. Adam meanwhile packed up and headed to the Lancelin Jetty in search of perhaps a sambo or some night time tailor. By this time Joe had seen enough of the conditions and their lack of improvement and headed home. Tony continued fishing for an unknown number of hours before it is assumed he gave it away too. His battered blue esky and orderly checklist of fish by species were notable absentees at the weigh in the following morning.

Nice weather, no fish

Nice weather, no fish!

Martin had made his way to the Seabird locality. He found some almost fishable water and did his best snare some fish. Unfortunately the only solid hook-up was to a huge ray that kept him busy for about 30 minutes. Following this is was just lumps of weed, weed and more weed. Martin reckons if he wanted to do weeding he could have done that at home. Very disappointing!

Greg headed up Saturday afternoon and stationed himself at Edward Island. He found some clear water but the returns were slim. A herring and a lively tussle with a stingray was all that was managed in the afternoon. He packed up at 8pm and met up with Adam and Brian at the jetty.

Meanwhile in a not so secret location further north, Bruce had been busy fishing away through the afternoon, reeling in flathead, whiting and a Sambo to 9.4kg. He did well to get them in the esky before the seaweed swarm shut down his fishing endeavours. Good effort Bruce!

Bruce's Samson Fish

Bruce’s Samson Fish

Further south the jetty was fishing really slowly. Nothing of note was landed by anyone. It was manic, may as well have been fishing in the middle of St Georges Terrace. It was absolutely packed. Adam, Greg and Brian despite their best efforts remained fishless from the jetty and retired at 10:30. People were still arriving at this time!


Lancelin Jetty

In the morning Greg fished Edward island point which was again clear of weed, but on the rising tide was tricky to fish. Adam and Brian checked out Back Beach. Magnificent gutters BUT after one cast it was clear they were wasting their time. Lots of submerged weed and a raging left to right current put an end to their initial delight. Still fishless for the field day they packed up and headed to Edward Island to meet up with Greg at the last chance saloon. Adam and Greg fished side by side working the same water, but for some reason only Greg was bringing in fish. Herring after Herring was coming in baffling both Greg and Adam, though Greg was obviously not complaining! A slight change of tactics by Adam resulted in his first catch of the trip. A medium sized herring but it was enough to break the duck. 7 more were to follow, including a double header of Herring on one occasion. Greg fished out the last of his baits and his return was a respectable haul of herring for himself. Brian was working some water further north of Greg and Adam; he was able to tangle with a few species, including a rare triple header (tarwhine, herring and blowfish) but unfortunately nothing else of note. 9:00am rolled around and it was time to head off to the bakery for Brian and the weigh-in for Adam and Greg.

Whilst all this was happening, Wayne thought about coming along to weigh in for a look. Turns out it was a long way to go for just a look, so he decided to bring a small selection of his fishing gear and had a quick fish in the morning before the weigh in. He managed to find a patch of clear water within the boundaries and snared himself two Tailor and a Mulloway. That is classic Wayne. With that, he also took out the species prize being the only one who found any Tailor. Well done Wayne.

Wayne's morning Mulloway

Wayne’s morning Mulloway


Club Weigh-in Results

Division No Fish Weight Points
Bruce Davies 14 12.4 267
Wayne Drage 3 4.95 139.5
Greg Uren 11 1.7 88
Adam Creese 8 0.85 76.5
Laurie Birchall 0 0 50
Martin Humbert 0 0 50

Total fish weighed in: 36 fish: 1 Samsonfish, 1 Mulloway, 2 Tailor, 2 Skippy, 3 Flathead, 22 Herring and 5 Whiting.